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Fostering Community-Centered Development in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley

Rendering of a current CBG redevelopment project at Palm Plaza in Weslaco, Texas.

The difference between revitalization and gentrification is relevant to a community’s dynamic landscape, especially in culturally rich areas like South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. And CBG Real Estate is at the forefront of fostering growth that honors existing communities while embracing future opportunities. Revitalization holds promise for breathing new life into neighborhoods and enhancing infrastructure and amenities while preserving the fabric of the surrounding community. Conversely, gentrification poses the risk of displacing longstanding residents in favor of new developments, which can lead to a loss of affordability and identity for original residents. This article underscores CBG Real Estate’s commitment to community-centric development.


Gentrification: The Dark Side of Urban Redevelopment

Gentrification is urban redevelopment’s dark side. It focuses on repositioning real estate to attract a new demographic, often devoid of historical ties. These newcomers are typically drawn by what they perceive as lower rents. Yet, these gentrified rents are frequently substantially higher—and often unaffordable—from an existing resident’s perspective. Consequently, gentrification fails to restore a community, instead exerting pressure on current inhabitants to vacate, resulting in displacement and cultural erosion, particularly in areas with deep social roots. 


Revitalization: CBG’s Vision for Community Growth

CBG’s mission revolves around revitalizing communities by introducing new businesses, enhancing physical structures, and improving public amenities to stimulate economic opportunities. This process commences with a thorough understanding of the community’s needs and aspirations, achieved through engagement with local leaders. While new development unavoidably entails some displacement, a collaborative approach helps mitigate adverse effects, fostering projects that enrich rather than displace or dilute the community. This philosophy aligns with CBG’s core objective of strengthening the local fabric.


CBG’s Approach: Sustainable Community Growth

CBG’s operations exemplify a steadfast dedication to supporting communities through various initiatives. The company prioritizes working with local architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers, ensuring those dollars remain local.  Our projects also offer affordable, quality commercial spaces for entrepreneurs and local businesses, thereby contributing to an area’s economic vitality.

 Additionally, we make a solid effort to introduce new businesses that enrich the local shopping landscape, encouraging residents to patronize local establishments, lifting the local economy, and bolstering community cohesion.

Admittedly, commercial real estate revitalization is about more than just refurbishment. It involves a broader scope of making properties more usable and valuable to shopping center owners. Additionally, the value-creation process (redeveloping, leasing, and maintaining properties to a higher standard) benefits communities. Value creation brings jobs and increases sales and property tax revenues, which local governments can use to reinvest in improved amenities and services.

Accordingly, revitalization projects offer a sustainable path to urban development that contributes positively to the community.


CBG: Supporting Your Community 

CBG real estate operations reflect our company’s dedication to South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley, supporting communities in several ways. We prefer to work with local architects, engineers, contractors, materials suppliers, and service providers, keeping these dollars in the community. Our projects provide affordable, quality commercial space for entrepreneurs and local businesses. We also make a solid effort to introduce new businesses to our communities to offer residents a broader and more exciting array of shopping alternatives, encouraging residents to shop locally and keep their purchasing dollars in the community. These related events contribute to an area’s economic vitality and work to hold communities together.



CBG Real Estate offers opportunities to businesses looking to grow in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley, a region rich with history and culture. By renting with CBG, tenants become part of a more significant movement towards sustainable, community-focused development. Whether you’re a new business looking for your first retail space or an established company seeking to expand, CBG has a diverse portfolio of properties to meet your real estate needs.


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Fostering Community-Centered Development in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley


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